Thomas Reacts to the Governor’s Budget Proposal

Feb. 04, 2020 / Embed

PA State Rep. Wendi Thomas responds to the 2020-21 Pennsylvania state budget proposal from Gov. Wolf.

Rep. Thomas podium remarks from Human Rights Press Conference

Feb. 03, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Wendi Thomas leads a press rally hoping to promote a bill that would prevent LGBT people from being treated as second-class citizens.

Family Paid Leave Press Conference

Jan. 29, 2020 / Embed

On January 28, 2020, a bi-partisan group of legislators hold a press conference to promote a family leave act across Pennsylvania. Sponsor Wendi Thomas’ legislation would establish a statewide Family and Medical Leave Insurance program that will help Pennsylvanians care for themselves and their families, including parents, when serious illness strikes.

Rep. Wendi Thomas Family Paid Leave Podium Remarks

Jan. 28, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Wendi Thomas describes her Family Leave Bill at a January 28, 2020 press rally.

Rep. Thomas Human Trafficking Post Press Event Package

Jan. 24, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Wendi Thomas comments on Human Trafficking. Senate Bill 60 was recently passed by the House of Representatives and awaits the Governor's signature.

Rep. Thomas & Rep. Schroder comments on Human Trafficking Legislation

Jan. 22, 2020 / Embed

State Reps. Wendi Thomas and Meghan Schroeder talk of recently passed legislation that will sharply increase prison sentences for those convicted of human trafficking.

Rep. Thomas interview on Human Trafficking Legislation

Jan. 22, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Wendi Thomas comments on Senate Bill 60, a bill that will sharply increase penalties for those who traffic victims and solicit those victims and will be regarded as a first-degree felony under. The new laws would also sharply increase prison sentences to a minimum of 40 years for offenders if a victim of sexual servitude is a minor.

Raising Awareness Of Human Trafficking

Jan. 22, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Wendi Thomas rises to ask support of House Resolution 618, proclaiming January 2020 as Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Pennsylvania.

Mental Health Awareness Hearing

Jan. 17, 2020 / Embed

On February 13th, Rep. Wendi Thomas will hold a public hearing at the Washington Crossing United Methodist church at 10AM. The topic will be about Mental Health Awareness in school from K-12. The public is invited to attend.

Rep. Thomas School Safety Press Conference

Jan. 09, 2020 / Embed

Rep. Wendi Thomas (R-Bucks) will host a presentation by the U.S. Secret Service for local educators, law enforcement, and first responders on the newest Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) report “Enhancing School Safety Using a Threat Assessment Model: An Operational Guide for Preventing Targeted School Violence.”