PACE/PACENET Eligibility Expansion

Oct. 27, 2021 / Embed

Rep. Wendi Thomas discusses her legislation, HB 1260 meant to expand PACENET to more of Pennsylvania's seniors.

Congressional Redistricting Press Conference

Jul. 12, 2021 / Embed

PA House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff, Rep. Seth Grove, Rep. Wendi Thomas and other legislators announce details on the most transparent Congressional redistricting process in Pennsylvania's history.

Thomas Comments on Proposed Marine/Navy Anniversary Site

Jul. 09, 2021 / Embed

Greater Philadelphia is well positioned to host the 250th celebration of the Navy and Marine Corps’ founding in 2025, Rep. Wendi Thomas said today at an event highlighting the region’s historical significance in the branches’ founding.

Rep- Natalie Mihalek - Safer PA Act Press Conference

Jun. 23, 2021 / Embed

Representative Natalie Mihalek is joined by Reps. Wendi Thomas (R-Bucks), Shelby Labs (R-Bucks), Tracy Pennycuick (R-Montgomery), Meghan Schroeder (R-Bucks), and survivors from Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice.

Thomas "Safer Pennsylvania Act" Podium Remarks

Jun. 23, 2021 / Embed

Representative Wendi Thomas speaks at a press conference concerning a series of six crime victim bills called the Safer Pennsylvania Act.

Rep. Thomas's Healthcare Heroes Legislation Message

Jun. 15, 2021 / Embed

State Representative Wendi Thomas takes a moment to honor all health care heroes.

Thomas Urges Passage for HB 1421

Jun. 09, 2021 / Embed

State Rep. Wendi Thomas comments on her legislation to increase the amount of the burial benefit provided to those who perform burial details (military honors) for deceased veterans at any one of our three national cemeteries.

"For Those Who Served" Press Event

Jun. 09, 2021 / Embed

Representative Wendi Thomas speaks at the ‘For Those Who Served’ press conference; a package of bills focused on assisting veterans and their families by increasing state funding and enhancing state veterans’ programs.

Rep. Thomas Comments During Human Services

May. 27, 2021 / Embed

Representative Wendi Thomas makes speaks of the stress endured by front line health care workers during the Covid pandemic.

Rep. Wendi Thomas Tours Senior LIFE in Reading.

May. 11, 2021 / Embed

Representative Wendi Thomas tours the Reading Senior Life facility to view the individualized care the facility offers.